How do I view a Planning Enforcement Notice

As a local authority, we regularly investigate alleged breaches of planning legislation. Where necessary, we will undertake formal enforcement action against to ensure compliance with the law. Only cases where a formal enforcement notice has been served are made public.

You can search our online register for details of ongoing enforcement notices:

How to search for an enforcement notice

 Using the Planning > Simple search option:

Planning Register - Search Enforcement

  • Ensure that you are searching for "Enforcements"
  • Enter the address or post code of the propery into the Search field and click Search

How to view associated documents

The Enforcement Notice will be available from the Documents section.

To view this first ensure you have retrieved the relevant record then:

Planning Register - View Associated Documents

  • Click on the "Documents" tab
  • Click on "View Associated Documents".

This will open up a new window displaying all documents associated with this application.

Planning Register - Document List

To open each document click the blue underlined reference number in the row for that document.


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