Can I have a disabled parking bay outside my house?

To request a disabled parking bay you must be the holder of a blue or orange badge, be the driver of the vehicle, and have no access to off road parking. The road will be checked for any existing restrictions, if no restrictions are found a letter listing criteria that you must fulfil will be sent to you along with an application form.

To apply for a personal disabled parking bay please contact Planning Services on 01733 453565.

You will need to return a copy of your blue or orange badge together with the application form completed by your GP confirming you cannot walk more than the 20m. Once the form has been returned, and a copy of your badge has been received, a parking survey is carried out. Once completed, a decision will be made whether or not a disabled parking bay is necessary. If you're successful your immediate neighbours will also be informed that a disabled bay is to be marked out. Depending on the weather it usually takes about 4 weeks for the bay to be marked out. 

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