How can I stop cars parking in front of my driveway?

You can apply for an access protection marking.

Access protection markings are white line roadside markings that are used to overcome access difficulties to properties. Although parking on them is not an offence in itself, most drivers respect the markings so access to property is not obstructed. As the markings only cover the extent of the dropped kerbs there are no additional parking problems for neighbours.

You can apply for an access protection marking by contacting customer services. A marking request could also come from a highways inspector.

When a request is made, we will check for any other parking restrictions that are already in place on the highway. If there is already a yellow line restriction the access protection marking request will be refused.

The fee for an access protection marking is £95, payment is required before the work can begin. The whole process takes between 4 and 6 weeks to complete, weather permitting.

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