What is a multi agency support group?

Multi agency support groups (MASG’s) will be set up in each of the three localities in Peterborough (Central and East, North, West & Rural and South). They will meet to co-ordinate appropriate resources to meet the needs of children, young people and families according to an evidenced based assessment captured by completing the Common Assessment Form.

MASG is a multi agency group of professionals that use their skills, knowledge and expertise to
consider multi-agency interventions that will best meet the assessed needs of a child/family. The
CAF co-ordinators will organise the MASGs. MASGs will agree a temporary Lead Professional to
coordinate service delivery. The Lead Professional may be the referrer or a worker from any of the services working with the child/family. The temporary Lead Professional may change following the first Team Around the Child Meeting. The MASG may also agree to provide additional resources to support the child or young person where the assessment of need through the CAF clearly indicates that these are needed.

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