What can I do if my child has not been offered any of our primary school preferences?

If the council has been unable to offer you any of your preferences, your child has been automatically placed on a waiting list for the schools you have requested. The school that has been offered, is the next nearest school with available places.

If you want to find out where your child is on the waiting list for any of the following schools, please contact them directly;

  • All Saints Primary School
  • Bishop Creighton Academy
  • Fulbridge Academy
  • Highlees Primary School
  • Orton Wistow Primary School
  • Peakirk cum Glinton Primary School
  • Sacred Heart RC Primary School
  • St Augustine’s Junior School
  • St John’s Primary School
  • St Michael’s C of E (VA) Primary School
  • St Thomas More Primary School
  • William Law Primary School. 

The council will be able to give you waiting list information for any other schools.

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