Can I scatter cremated remains / ashes in the crematorium grounds?

Cremated remains may be scattered within various areas of the Crematorium grounds. Certain fees are chargable to scatter ashes within the crematorium grounds as you can see below:

(Please note: Cremated remains from 'away' means from another Crematorium, therefore the Cremation did not take place at Peterborough Crematorium.)

Fees for scattering of ashes in the crematorium grounds    £    
No witnesses present free of charge
Witnesses present (Mon-Fri) (child 0-16 free of charge) 30.00
Witnesses present (Saturday a.m) 44.00
Witnesses present- child 0-16 (Saturday a.m) 5.00
Cremated remains from away- no witnesses present 50.00
Cremated remains from away- witnesses present (Mon-Fri) 82.00
Creamated remains from away- witnesses present (Saturday a.m) 95.00
Splitting of cremated remains inc. container and certificate 14.00
Exhumation of cremated remains 57.00
Arranging documentation for exhumation 46.00

For more information, contact the Peterborough Crematorium by emailing or calling 01733 262639.

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