How do I reduce noise from doors?

Children generally do not close doors quietly. Doors have two bangs but in rapid succession that sounds like one bang. To reduce the noise doors make when being shut a self-adhesive draught-excluder strip or self-adhesive felt pads, can be cut to size and inserted into the door frame rebate. It needs to be fitted where the door hits the frame first, and again by the lock catch. If you close the door slowly and stand frame side, you will see where the door touches the frame first. Remove dust from the frame rebate and put a strip at that point; then again at the catch. Close the door again to see if it knocks anywhere else and repeat the process. In the end, you should get a silent door close. Repeat for all frequently used doors.

Felt pads or self adhesive draft excluder can also be used on your kitchen cupboards, especially any cupboards you use frequently, where you keep your tea and coffee for example.

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