How do I make a noise complaint?

You can report a noise complaint online, using the My Peterborough app or by downloading the app to your smartphone.

You must provide your name and address and the address of the person you are complaining about. It’s not essential, but it would be useful, if you could provide the name of the person who you are complaining about, and whether or not they are a Registered Social Landlord tenant.

Before making a complaint, please consider the following:

  • if the problems come from a tenant of a registered social landlord property, that agency may take action under the terms of the tenancy agreement - this also applies if you are a social landlord resident experiencing these issues
  • determine if it is a noise nuisance or whether it is part of a much wider problem, such as anti-social behaviour
  • your neighbour may respond more positively to a polite word or letter from you personally, rather than a visit from a council official, as it is often found that the person causing the problem does not know that their behaviour is affecting others.

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