What will the council do about my concern for tall trees?

A reduced tree, should it survive, will often quickly grow back to its original height and with a denser crown than before it was pruned. In other words, crown reduction in the long term, is unlikely to have the desired effect of reducing the size of a tree. Moreover, the tree is likely to need pruning again when, within a few years, it regains or surpasses its old size, or its new branches break or become a hazard.

The unfounded fear that the tree is too tall is generally unfounded and will not result in any pruning work by Amey because such action will create long-term problems, will leave the tree looking unsightly and anyway is unlikely to have the desired effect.

However, Amey will inspect trees that give rise to particular concerns for specific groups of residents because of their height or apparent height in relation to a property. If it is the opinion of Amey that a tree has become too tall for its location or situation, then Amey may remove the tree and then replace it, either with a more appropriate choice or at a greater distance from the property.

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