Do you have plans showing where the drains for my house are?

No, the Council does not hold this information.


It is very unlikely that the plans submitted as part of the original planning application would show drainage or utility connections as this is not normally a consideration at this stage. Of course you are welcome to check using our online register however you should keep in mind that if these are shown it may have been for indicative purposes only.


Building Regulations

Whilst new drains would have been inspected on site during the construction of the building for compliance with the building regulations it is not necessarily the case that plans/drawings were submitted to us for approval (e.g. the works were carried out under a Building Notice).

In addition Building Regulations files are not open to the public and so cannot be viewed online.

Where can I find information?

For information relating to public sewers and water supply pipelines you should contact Anglian Water.

Private Drains are the responsibility of the owner of the land and so it would be up to you to identify where they are located. To do this the best course is probably to get an independent drain survey carried out for your property. The Council cannot recommend anyone but an internet search for "drain survey" should reveal local companies who can offer this service.


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