Can I get written confirmation that I need or do not need planning permission?

Yes. The Council offers two levels of service to customers who wish to obtain confirmation that planning permission is or is not required for their proposed works.

  • Permitted development enquiry: This will give you a written response from a planning officer as to whether or not planning permission is required for your proposed works. Although this is a relatively informal process the letter you receive should be sufficient for most purposes, however the opinions stated within the letter will not bind the Council in the event of subsequent enforcement action.

To send your Permitted Development Enquiry to us all you need to do is write to us with a description of the works you are looking to carry out together with any sketch drawings or photographs you think may be of assistance. There is a fee for this service and the target response time is 21 days, for more information please refer to our schedule of fees and charges.

  • Lawful Development Certificate (proposed): This is a formal process through which the Council will consider your proposed development in detail and issue a lawful development certificate stating whether or not planning permission is required. This certificate will have full legal weight and will be considered binding on the Local Planning Authority. If the Council declare that your proposed development is not 'permitted development' you have a further right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. The statutory timescale for dealing with an application for a Lawful Development Certificate is 8 weeks.

Details of how to submit a Lawful Development Certificate, together with our schedule of fees and charges can be found on the Planning One Stop Shop.

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