How do I find out if my property is affected by an Article 4 direction?

Planning Services have entered all of the Article 4 Direction Orders made across Peterborough onto the Planning and Building Online Register.

To see if your property is affected by one of these Orders follow the steps below:

  • Open a property search on the Online Register
  • Enter your property address (e.g. 118 Wisbech Road) and click search
  • Click on the "Property History" tab
  • In the "Planning Applications" section look for any records called "Article 4 Direction"

If you wish to search through the list of all Article 4 Directions in Peterborough click here:

If you find an Article 4 Direction linked to your property you can view further details by clicking on the record. This will display basic information on the Detail tab, the mapped polygon on the Map tab. The Documents tab will link you to the original Order itself and any other associated documents.


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