How do I comment on a planning application?

If you have heard about a new planning application submitted that you think may affect you can submit comments on it providing that it is still open for public consultation. Comments must be made in writing for them to be taken into consideration.


Before making comments you should:

  • View the details of the application using our Online Register
  • Familiarise yourself with the kinds of issues that the planning case officer can take into consideration
  • Be aware that any comments you make will be held on a public file and will be available to anyone, including the applicant.

To submit comments

To submit you comments on a planning application:

Planning Register - Make Comments

  • Go to the Online Register and retrieve the relevant planning application record using the reference number or site address.
  • Click on the "Comments" tab
  • Complete the Make a Comment form and click Submit

Please note that you must provide your postal address when making comments. Comments received without a postal address will not be taken into consideration.


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