How do I view appeals against planning decisions?

Appeals made against the Council's decision to refuse planning permission, impose conditions or serve a planning enforcement notice are dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate. The Planning Inspectorate is an independent body that has the power to reconsider the Council's decision on an application.

The Planning Inspectorate now has its own online Casework Portal.

You will need to use the Planning Inspectorate's own reference number to search this system - the original planning application reference number will not work.

Planning Inspectorate reference numbers typically have a format like "APP/J0540/A/11/2153833/NWF". You will only need to enter the last 7 numbers highlighted bold in the example.

Planning Services also maintain a register of all appeals made to us, this is viewable using our Planning and Building Online Register.


How to search for an appeal

 Using the Planning > Simple search option:

Planning Register - Search Appeal

  • Ensure that you are searching for Appeals
  • Enter the address or post code of the propery into the Search field and click Search

Please note that these search results show the appeal record not the actual planning application or enforcement notice record. There will be no documents associated with these records. To view documents you must view the related planning or enforcement record.


Viewing the related planning or enforcement record

Once you have opened the relevant appeal record you can navigate to the related case(s) by doing the following: 

Planning Register - Appeal Related Case

  • Click the Related Cases tab
  • Locate and click the relevant related case from either the Planning Applications or Enforcement Notices section.


How to view associated documents

Appeal documents will be added to the original application, these might be:

  • the appeal application form
  • appeal start letter
  • the Inspectorate's decision

To view these first ensure you have retrieved the relevant application record then:

Planning Register - View Associated Documents

  • Click on the "Documents" tab
  • Click on "View Associated Documents".

This will open up a new window displaying all documents associated with this application.

Planning Register - Document List

To open each document click the blue underlined reference number in the row for that document.


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