What are the benefits of getting pre-application advice?

  • It identifies at an early stage any need for specialist input (e.g. listed buildings, conservation areas, trees, noise, health, highway issues) and indicates the third party organisations you should seek advice from.
  • It gives an indication of the likely requirement for contributions to be made by a developer (e.g. levels of affordable housing, highways, education or any other payments)
  • It helps you to prepare your planning application and provided you take all the advice into account, your application will be dealt with without unnecessary delay
  • It reduces the time that you and your professional staff / consultants spend on working up your proposals
  • It highlights unacceptable proposals, thereby saving you the time and costs of submitting a formal application.

Seek to ensure that there is consistency in dealing with your pre-application advice and any subsequent applications for planning permission. The pre-application advice you receive will help you to submit a complete and accurate application for planning permission which complies with the relevant policies, plans and guidance. The pre-application advice will be taken into account but it cannot guarantee that planning permission will be granted, for example planning committees do not have to accept the officers recommendations.

Where pre-application advice is not followed subsequent planning applications are likely to be determined without further negotiations.

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