What are the stages of a planning application?


Before an application can be registered we must check whether we have all the infromation we need. To do this we will look at the nature of the proposal and compare what has been submitted against the requirements published on our validation checklist which can be viewed on the "Apply for Planning and Building regulations" page.

If during this stage the application is found to be invalid we will contact the applicant/agent to request that the required information be provided. 

The application will be deemed valid from the date all the correct required information is received.

Registration and scanning

Once the application has been validated, it will be registered, allocated to a planning officer and scanned.

Details of the application will appear on our Online Register at this point. Associated documents will appear on the website at around 7pm that evening.


We will consult with neighbours, the parish council and other organisations depending on the details of the proposal. The minimum consultation period set out in planning legislation is 21 calendar days.


We will assess your application against local and national policies and guidance and look at the planning history of the site (if any). A planning officer will visit the site to assess the impact of the proposed development. We will also consider potential traffic problems, the effect on amenity (quality of life for neighbours) and the impact the proposal may have on the appearance of the surrounding area.


Planning legislation sets target determination periods for planning applicaitons, these are:

  • 8 weeks for the majority of applications
  • 13 weeks for an application for a major development or
  • 16 weeks if an environmental impact assessment is submitted

These periods run from the date a valid application has been received (date validated). Where it is not going to be possible to determine the application within the statutory target period the case officer may agree an extension of time with the applicant.


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